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It is widely agreed that children are struggling, in epidemic proportions. In fact I would say children and their childhoods are in crisis.

Stressed babies who struggle to fall asleep. Toddlers who want total control, are rigid, need attention to eat, sleep and play and are in constant emotional turmoil. Young anxious children who struggle with the normal ups and downs. Teenagers who can’t cope without their phone, who are addicted to social media & gaming and who are often cutting their wrists when faced with seemingly everyday challenges.  Young adults who struggle to find a path, focus and motivation, who linger at home until late in life.  

These in-home difficulties are mirrored in the medical world with more children clinically diagnosed today than in any previous generation.  One in seven 4-17-year old's reach the criteria for a clinical diagnosis now. That is staggering!

Labels diagnosis and medication are now all too common ways of addressing our children’s difficulties and although these may bring some relief, they do not bring families the relief they are needing.  The shift in the dynamics at home.  

Nicole believes that a child’s crisis is a family’s crisis and unless you address and work with the whole family, change is limited and often short lived.  

Nicole offers in-home programs for families in the comfort and privacy of their own home over two full days which are ideal for families who feel they need hands-on, in the moment support.

If you have read all the “how to” books and still feel completely overwhelmed, depleted and hopeless, with no idea where to start, the in-home program is perfect for you.  Nicole “holds your hand” and actually shows you how to create the changes you are looking for, taking all the confusion and anxiety out of your family home.

Family life becomes calm, everyone shifts on to the same page (no more arguing with your partner about what you should do), supporting each other to get what they want and need (not just the children!) and balance is created.  

For children, the aim of the program is to trigger their ability to self-regulate (an innate ability they have lost connection with).  This allows them to manage themselves from within, reducing the amount of intervention and attention needed from parents (no more micro-managing required!).

For parents, the aim of the program is to teach them how to remain calm in difficult situations, how to create space so that their child can shift and how to rebalance their lives so that they can have more fun and quality time.

Programs are followed by a six month support phase which includes unlimited phone and email support and four in-home (skype for interstate families) consultations, to ensure that all the initial gains remain permanent.  


For babies who are struggling to sleep, remain calm during awake time, needing constant attention and showing signs of stress or anxiety.

Toddlers – Pre-teens 

For children who constantly seek control, who are rigid and struggle with flexibility, who react inappropriately, struggle to accept no, seem addicted to screens, who want things in particular ways and seem a little anxious or conflicted regularly, struggling to regulate their emotions.  

Highly beneficial for children who are showing signs of anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder and autism spectrum.  
$1500 - $3500 (depending on age and issues) 

Teens & Young Adults 

For young adults who are struggling to find a path.  Who struggle with anxiety and depression and may self-harm.  Who may have seen several clinicians, be on medication and still feel like their life is not what they want.  This program is conducted over a 4-week period (one session per week).

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