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Behind the loud and obvious child in crisis, lies something that is rarely noticed, the mother in crisis.  Standing quietly, in the background, we are anxious, angry, depressed, controlling and rigid, and we are diagnosed more than any previous generation of mothers, medicated and lost.  

At a time when a woman needs the most nurturing she will ever need, when she becomes a mother, we are instead neglected.  We have been left to mother alone in a time that I truly believe is the most difficult period in history to mother.  We are held accountable, judged, overloaded, overwhelmed, confused, depleted and left totally divorced from our intuition.  

To help counter this enormous pressure we as mothers are under,Nicole facilitates a yearly mothers retreat, MumsGoneWise, in Bali.  

MumsGoneWise not only offers mothers space to rest, rejuvenate and find relief from the pressure, it also pampers them like never before (daily massages, yoga, swimming, sleeping, delicious food served all day & cocktails by the pool), and provides them with invaluable information during Nicole‚Äôs daily program,  helping to free them of any anxiety, anger, rigidity, sadness and depression they may be feeling in relation to motherhood.  The program supports mothers to become the mother they way to be (not the mother society has caused them to become), while nurturing them in the most beautiful surroundings.   It allows them to quieten down the pressure so they can hear the guide inside them, their intuition, so they can make decisions about their mothering in the way they want to. 

The retreat is held in a 5-star private resort and sends mothers home after 7 luxurious nights, rested and empowered to mother in the way they want.

Grab an information booklet about the next retreat here.

I would love you to join me x

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